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As part of the intention of the club to provide a safe environment for the playing of golf during the current circumstances and to promote social distancing at all times in accordance the published guidance members and visitors are asked to observe the following guidelines when playing the course

Prior to Teeing Off
• Please do not arrive at the club until 20 minutes before your tee off time
• Please come dressed ready to play although shoes may be changed in the car park
• Please do not congregate in or around the patio.
• When in the shop please adopt social distancing and if the number already in the shop prevent or impede this please wait outside until it is possible to enter and observe social distancing
• Cards will not be prepared by the Professional or handed out by him. These may be collected from the shop or immediately inside the clubhouse and should be prepared by the individual player or one member of the team in a team competition.
• Check your handicap via HowdidIdo or by ringing the professional before coming down to the Club
• The practice green will be available but social distancing must be observed at all times.
• If there is a shotgun start, having paid, please go straight to your allotted tee rather than congregate around the shop and patio
Playing the Course
• Social distancing of at least two metres must be observed at all times
• Please mark your own card but make a note of your playing partners score
• Flags are not to be removed from the holes
• Please do not pick up any other ball other than your own
• Rakes will not be available and the sand in bunkers should be smoothed over after playing a shot by the player using one of his clubs
• Ball washers will not be in use for the foreseeable future
• Players must not use or touch clubs other than his or her own and any equipment including range finders should not be shared
• Players should not touch a trolley other than there own and are asked to clean their trolleys after each round
At the End of the Round
• Please do not shake hands or indulge in any other form of bodily contact except the touching
of elbows. A signal such as thumbs up is a perfectly acceptable way of showing appreciation
for the company.
• Please complete and sign your own card. When asked to sign a card of another player please
hold it in a gloved hand
• Place your on card in such place as directed by the professional. The cards will be checked by
persons wearing gloves. The results will be announced on-line.
This guidance will be kept under review may be adjusted because of further advice from the
Government, the NHS or the various golf bodies. It is also open to change because of general
experience and any member is welcome to offer their view and to share their experiences as the Club
strives to ensure that the playing of the game can continue in the best of circumstances in these
difficult and unique times
Nigel Day
Chair of the Management Board
20th March 2020