Cheadle Golf Club are pleased to introduce our Club Sponsors, and extend a huge thank you to all of them for their valued support.

McKellens Masterclass

Sponsors of Hole 1, Spinney

Developed by McKellens, a leading North-West based firm of Chartered Accountants, the Masterclass membership programme is built upon a series of real-world commercial strategies and practical solutions to support small businesses.

The Masterclass is 90 minutes of real-world strategies and practical solutions, applicable know-how and invaluable resources delivered by a range of expert speakers, including a Strategic Board opportunity to share challenges and gain feedback, experience and insights from the group.

With over 100 years’ experience of helping small businesses grow, McKellens help owner managed businesses become the most successful and enjoyable to run.

McKellens: Growing businesses, Changing lives.

Contact: Chris Booth


Tel: 0161 947 4888

And a little bit about Chris:-

Q: What is your signature shot?
A: Think it has to be my drive

Q: Who is your dream playing partner?
A: Nick Faldo, closely followed by Padraig Harrington

Q: If you could change one rule of golf, what would it be?
A: I’m not sure there is one rule which I desperately want to change.  Anything which keeps the game moving and stops slow play

Good answers Chris!

ALG Finance Ltd

Sponsors of Hole 8, Double Trouble

ALG Finance is a local, independent finance company, lending money to businesses to help them buy vehicles, machinery, equipment and other business related assets.

Financing rather than buying outright can help maintain vital cashflow, and refinancing vehicles or equipment a business already owns is a great way to unlock equity tied up in business assets.

ALG Finance pride themselves on providing a personal service, listening carefully to gain a thorough understanding of a business’s needs. Only then can the most suitable solution be found.

If your business could do with financial assistance, ALG will be happy to help.


ALG Finance: Business lending, personal touch.

Contact: Linus Berry


Tel: 0161 491 4051


And a little bit about Linus:-

Q: What is your signature shot?
A: As a power-before-ability player, it’s all about the drive for me

Q: Who is your dream playing partner?
A: Anyone that doesn’t take their golf too seriously! It should be enjoyable at all times

Q: If you could change one rule of golf, what would it be?
A: One Mulligan allowed, per nine holes (can be ‘banked’ for later rounds if not used)

Great answers Linus!