The need for severe and unprecedented restrictions to be placed on daily life because of the coronavirus crisis led to the closure of all golf courses in the United Kingdom. England Golf has now announced that courses may reopen provided that the game may be played in a safe environment and one which fully complies with the necessary ongoing constraints upon social contact. It will not be possible therefore to simply re-open the course and for play to resume as before. Many changes are required and the Club needs to provide clear guidance to all persons playing golf at Cheadle, whether as a Member or Visitor so that everyone may be assured of not only the opportunity to enjoy golf again but to do so in a safe and welcoming environment. To achieve this, it is necessary to insist that these guidelines are followed without any exception but in the hope that all will appreciate the need for such demands.

It is important to note that a vital part of these guidelines and essential because of the need for social distancing that all players must pre-book their tee times. It is not possible in these difficult times to allow members to just turn up and play. No visitors will be allowed for the time being so as to ensure that members are given priority at all times.


  • To Access the Course a player must
    • Be an active member of the Club
    • Have reserved a tee time within current guidelines
    • Not have been out of the United Kingdom for at least 14 days prior to play
    • Not be in self-isolation
    • Not be displaying COVID 19 symptoms
  • Play will commence from the first tee only and will be limited to nine holes. The tee will be available at 10-minute intervals between 7 00am and 7 00pm and tee times must be strictly observed in the interest of safety and social distancing
  • The rules on Social Distancing must be observed at all times.
  • The Clubhouse and Patio will not be open and access to the locker rooms will be for toilet use only. No more than one person will be allowed in the toilet areas at any one time.
  • Trolleys are available for hire and will be sanitised after use
  • Players must use their own equipment at all times and are asked to clean their clubs at home before leaving for the golf course.
  • Any player who is found not to be following these Guidelines will be asked to leave the course in the interests of the safety of others.
  • The routes for entering and leaving the course are as shown:


  • Any member wishing to play golf at Cheadle must reserve a tee time no more than 7 days in advance. It will be possible to do so online by following the guide set out at the end of these Guidelines or by telephoning Tom Clancy, the Professional on the Club Number or 07576659643. No one will be allowed to play by simply turning up.
  • Members will have priority and able to play at the times permitted by their category membership.
  • Players should travel to the club alone or with members of their own household


  • Players are asked not to arrive until 10 minutes before their allotted tee time. If early, they are asked to wait in their vehicle
  • The car park will not be supervised but members and visitors should park in alternate spaces and not directly next to another vehicle.
  • Players should come dressed ready to play although they may change into golf shoes in the car park.
  • Social Distancing must be observed at all times and players must resist gathering with others
  • The route to be followed to the first tee will be clearly signposted and goes past the shop.
  • No one is allowed inside the shop and must observe the two-metre rule if waiting for the Professional
  • Only contact less payment will be available.


  • Social Distancing must be observed at all times and players must maintain a distance of two metres from their playing partner and any other player at all times
  • Players must follow the prescribed route and all instruction from the Professional and in particular wait by the sign on the footpath from the fifth tee leading to the sixth and fifth green until the sixth tee is clear.
  • Players must not go back to play again if a ball is lost, unplayable or in a penalty area. In social golf if a ball is out of bounds or lost plyers should take a 2-shot penalty near that point and not return to where the shot was played.
  • Equipment, food and drink must not be exchanged between players
  • Players must not pick up or handle another player’s equipment or ball
  • Flag Sticks may not be removed and should not be touched. Rakes will not be available
  • Rubbish bins ball washers and benches will not be in use and players should take their own rubbish and litter home for safe disposal
  • Players should avoid touching balls other than their own and equipment of other players.
  • At the End of the Round players are asked not shake hands or indulge in any other form of bodily contact except the touching of elbows. A signal such as thumbs up is a perfectly acceptable way of showing appreciation for the company.


  • Player must follow the route form the ninth green to the car park which is clearly sign posted by walking down the side of the first fairway nearest to the practice area to a point near to the 150 marker where player may cross the first fairway to the car park
  • Players must leave the club immediately and are asked not to congregate in the car park.
  • It will not be possible to store clubs and equipment in the Clubhouse


This guidance will be kept under review and may be adjusted because of further advice from the Government, the NHS or the various golf bodies. It is also open to change because of general experience and any member is welcome to offer their view and to share their experiences as the Club strives to ensure that the playing of the game can continue in the best of circumstances in these difficult and unique times. In particular, it is hoped that there will be an early return to 18-hole golf and to competition golf but for the moment players are invited to simply enjoy the game and keep safe.