Lady Captain’s Drive In 2021

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Focus on the Ball ...

... And its Away

The traditional “start of season” event, delayed from 2020 by a certain pandemic, took place on Tuesday 18th May.  Lady Captain, Beverley VanRoss, recorded a very respectable drive of 137 yards and 4 inches.  Congratulations also go to Alistair Culpan (137 yards, 2 inches) and Sarah Huxley (137 yards, 1 foot) for submitting the most accurate predictions.

Lady Captain’s Drive was also the first shot played in the Robert Brown Trophy, being held on the same day.  Capitalising on the drive, Bev was able to Par the first hole, laying the foundations for what transpired to be the winning round, scoring 38 points.

Competitors in the Robert Brown Trophy

2020/21 Lady Vice Captain and Lady Captain